Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lover

Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lover

Compassionate, Experienced Animal LoverCompassionate, Experienced Animal Lover

Helping you take care of your furry friends!   443-794-0006

Quality Pet Care

Karen's Pet Services in Howard County, Maryland will come to your home in Ellicott City or Columbia, Maryland.  I will feed your pets, walk your dog, change your cats litter and refresh their water. They remain in your home, which makes them  happier, more content, and stress free. Your pets will receive the attention and love they are used to having. I can come 1x, 2x, or 3x a day. Currently, overnights in my home are being referred to Rivermist Pet Lodge 301-774-3100.

Every pet is treated as an individual and receives care based on its own unique personality. You will have a much better time on your trip knowing your pets are safe at home.

Karen provides security for your home, altering lights, watering plants, bringing in mail, taking out trash, and just giving your home that lived in look. Never worry about what your pet is doing while you are gone again! I will leave a daily note or text you about your precious pets.

Please call Karen at (443)794-0006 or 


Reliable and Trustworthy

Services Available: 

Daily Dog Walking  

Pet Sitting 

Cat Sitting  

Professional Dog Training With Lucinda Brown 

Serving Howard County, Maryland Ellicott City and Columbia  



 Extended Daily Care - $20.00 

All visits include the following services as necessary: Dog walking, picking up poop, cat litter cleaning, cage/habitat cleaning, feeding, socializing & playing, bringing in mail & newspapers, putting out trash & recycling, watering indoor plants, alternating lights & blinds. (price listed is per visit with up to 2 pets). 

Daily Dog  Walking - $20.00

Each visit includes walking, playing & socializing, feeding as necessary. (price listed is per visit with up to 2 pets). 

Other Services

Dog Boarding 

Please Visit River Mist Pet Lodge   (301)774-3100

Professional Dog Training by Tail Wags Canine Training

Includes overnight visit(including transportation) to Lucinda's home. Dog(s) must have required tags. Advance reservation required. Additional mileage fees may apply. 

Additional Charges

Each additional pet (over 2) in the household Per visit.... $3.00

Medication Per visit.................................................................. $3.00

Additional 15 minutes on any scheduled visit..................... $10.00

**Taking dog or cat to the vet in case of an emergency will be 

$10.00 for every 15 mnutes 

Rates are subject to change and may be adjusted based on the individual needs of the pet(s).  Additional charges may apply for holidays or locations beyond  my service area.   No rates are final until a contract is signed by the pet owner and  Karen.  All payments are made before or on the first visit. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

 We are always prepared for any pets' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love.